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Fooling Around Jiang Hu (2016)

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Fooling Around Jiang Hu (2016)

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Fooling Around Jiang Hu (2016)

Fooling Around Jiang Hu (2016)

Kategori: Crime, Drama, Hongkong

Release: 2016

Bintang: Lam Chiu-Wing

Deskripsi: Underworld godfather Kim, nicknamed Egg Tart, is friendly and sociable. He likes singing more than being the leader of triads. With his principle of peace, harmony and stability, he has won the support of the gang elders. Meanwhile, the cool and handsome Lung becomes a gangster because he is attracted to the cool image of gangsters portrayed in the `Young and Dangerous` movies, and he believes that he has what it takes to be the big boss. To support Lung, his wife sets a trap by trying to seduce Kim in order to obtain the secret of becoming the godfather.

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