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Café. Waiting. Love (2014)

( Kualitas Terbaik )

PERINCIAN FILM4 months önce Ago
Café. Waiting. Love (2014)

Kategori: Comedy, Drama, Hongkong, Mandarin, Romance

Release: 15 Aug 2014

Info IMDB: 6.5/10 803 votes

Bintang: Bruce Hung, Li-Ang Chang, Megan Lai, Vivian Sung

Deskripsi: College freshman Si-ying gets a part-time job at “Cafe. Waiting. Love” coffee shop, where she befriends Abusi, a tomboyish barista who can make any coffee the customers request, the beautiful and mysterious cafe owner, and Zeyu, the boy who always sits in the same spot in the cafe who seems to be very popular with girls and on whom Si-ying develops an instant crush.

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